13 August 2008

Happy Birthday Abang !

It's Abang's 47th birthday today. Happy Birthday dear! I'm gonna dedicate this poem to you - cedok from the internet, of course.....well, I'm not that terrer especially when it comes to poem writing. Anyway, it's the thought that counts, right ?

Once a year I get the chance
To wish you birthday cheer
It pleases me no end to say
I wish you another great year

So happy birthday to you, Abang
From the bottom of my heart
And may your good times multiply
Till they’re flying off the chart!

Do you know how difficult it is to get a present for a guy? There are not so much options to it - clothings, wallet, perfume.......then what else? Ok, if the guy has a hobby, at least we could get him things that are associate to their hobbies..otherwise, that's about it lah. In one year, there are 2 celebrations as a minimum - annivessary & birthday. It wont take that long to complete the gifts list & all you know you'll be scratching hard on your head thinking what to buy. I'm having the same problem here.......but after giving it a deep thought, I've decided to get him a backpack coz the one he's currently having is quite worn out already. To make it easier for me i've asked him to choose it himself - simple! In this way, I dont have to worry about him not liking the present coz there's no point giving him a suprise when at the end it turns out that him hating it.


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