12 August 2008

Mar The Maid

This morning, my maid burnt another tudung of mine - the second one to be exact.....uuwaaaaa. The first tudung is that China Silk tudung I bought in Ampang Park. The best part is I havent even worn it yet. Minang....minang....sabau je lah...

I think I wanna write something here about this maid of mine. Her full name is Gusnimar. A divorcee of two. She's so-so lah as a maid. Nak kata rajin tu tak lah sangat but can be trusted la which is more important I supposed. It's not easy to find a perfect maid though - as long I could leave her at home with my daughter withou having any doubts / worries - it's good enuff for me.

Mar originated from Padang, Sumatera Barat. She's a minang. Being a minang, she always wanna win ( a typical Minang as claimed by my half-Minang Abang). Everytime we talked about something, she always wanna win in which I've always let her la - malas nak layan. Another thing, almost all songs sung by our local artist she claims that those songs are originally the Indonesian songs. Tak larat betul minang sorang ni !

Her hobby would be watching TV & singing. Suka bebenor minang ni nengok TV sebenarnya. maybe becoz she's bored la i guess - the whole day staying home with not so much work to be done. Another thing she likes to do is telling me stories of her ex. From the stories she told me, looks like she adores her ex so much. It's just that she cant acccept the fact of poligamy. How sad.....

Overall, Mar is quite ok actually. She's a good cook, by the way. When I first knew that she's a Minang I was so excited coz Nasi Minang has always been my favourite. That means I can have my favourite food every day larr......saper tak suka kan? Anyway, I'm glad she's there with us. The more the merrier. God bless her....and us too !


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