08 August 2008

Pissed !!!

Today is definately the worst Friday I've ever had. I've always looked forward to Fridays but not today's. First thing in the morning, I apologize to Carol for my bad behaviour yesterday. I know I dont deserve her forgiveness but still, I have to apologize right? Otherwise I'll be feeling very bad all day long....especially with her, only her sitting beside me.

This is all because of Abang. As what I posted earlier, I was so heartbroken with him yesterday. Felt so miserable & clogged up. Then, came Tucker with his usual not-so-funny remarks. I dont know why but it just went straight to my antenna.......zapppp it goes. I really lost control of myself yesterday - something that has never happened for quite some time. I raised my voice, uncontrollable to him. Word after word......blurting it out right to his face. Carol tried to chill me off but ending up she too, got it from me.

Oh dear ! Felt terrible after that. Lose my head for a second there....which shouldnt have happened. It could be avoided if I want to but.......well, no point crying over spilled milk. Gotta get hold of myself next time before I got myself stucked in another madness.


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