22 August 2008

Lunch Treat By Dresser

This month's birthday's celebration is a lil bit different from the others - since we're also celebrating Merdeka in the same month. Hence, the company decided to make it as a double celebration kindof thing la......which means more food for the staff rather than just a boring cake. Whatever it is, free food is always good.

By the way, the August babies are Eric, Gerard & Wai Loon. The amount of food they ordered are huge.....too much for all of us here. There are Domino's Pizza (lots of them), KFC, O'Brien Sandwiches, Fried Mee Hoon, Chicken Rendang and of course, the cake - it's a Tiramisu Cake which they bought from The Rennaissance. I've always loved Tiramisu but nufortunately not this particular one. It doesnt really taste like a tiramisu......it's just to creamy & milky for me. Maybe this is how the expensive tiramisu tastes like. Too bad I have a cheap taste bud !


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