13 August 2008

Eksklusif CT Nurhaliza Bersama Peminat

Got a call from Ani this morning - asking me whether I'm free tonite. Apparently she has 2 tickets to watch CT Nurhaliza perform @ Pentas Perdana, Angkasapuri, RTM. I admit that I am a fan of her (love her voice!) but just a fan...not the die-hard type. Meaning to say that I'm not that thrilled being given such an offer. However, since Ani used to babysit Marsya before, I guess it's now payback time - just returning her the favour la.

The show is actually the recording for the Hari Raya slot. We arrived about 1 hour before the show started - giving us enuff time to select the best seats. The show started at approximately 9 pm as scheduled. Before that, the audiences were being taught to clap & scream.....to make it a happening event.....which I dont think it's really required coz the moment CT entered the stage, everybody were so thrilled & excited. Clapping hands are just another reflex action..... not forgetting the screaming too, especially from the guys.

CT, as beautiful as she always been however, looks a bit plum tonite - as compared to the last time I've seen her acting in the P.Ramlee, The Musical theatre somewhere end of last year. Well, who wouldnt? Having loads of money and a millionaire hubby, she must be enjoying life to the fullest. She sang a 7 -8 songs that nite & her voice I would say, superb! Her voice is her greatest asset & nobody else could sing as well as her. Her voice is unique & very pleasant to hear. Some people said that Jac Victor has a better voice but I dont think so. Jac's voice may be high but the pitch is so high that it hurt the ears.

The show lasted for about one & a half hour or so. The moment the show ended, a few people were rushing to the rear exit. I am very sure they were going after CT.......so myself & Ani just followed the crowd & as expected, it brought us to CT. She was swarming by her fans - taking photos of her & signing the autugraphs. Took the opportunity to snap a few shots of her from a short distance. She attend her fans with patience & continuously smiling at them. Yang loratnya, as usual her bodyguards la.......


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