10 January 2010

Appreciating Money

Been quite busy for the past few days. Busy is always good as it makes our mind working. As the saying goes......an idle mind is the devil's workshop. And the devil is no other that Mr. Alzheimer. So, at least I've got one thing I dont need to worry about for this particular point of time.

After my participation in the flea market 2 weeks ago, I've been quite keen to get involved in this business industry. I've never been a business minded person all my life. None of my family members are ever involved in business. We're the group of people who only knows how to spend money rather than earning them. I've always been very skeptical when it comes to business though 9 out of 10 fortunes are originated from business ( as quoted by the prophet Muhammad SAW).

My involvement in the last flea market had however changed my perception towards business. Some of my friends gave a cynical remarks knowing what I did at the flea market. They couldnt understand why I did it. Obviously I'm not doing it for the money. It's something I did out of boredom & surprisingly I enjoyed it very much.

One thing I noticed is the blessing that comes along with it. Not only I earned some extra money, it has also makes me appreciate money much, much more. It has been a well known fact that shopping and me is very synonym. Most of the time I spent my money unwisely - buying out of desire rather than needs.

Well, things has now changed to the better. I've becoming more wiser & careful in spending my money. I noticed that I dont have the same urge anymore every time I visited the shopping centers. The other day I was with my BFF at one of this shop where they sell bags & purses. I have quite a good reason to get myself a new purse since my existing ones is rather worn-out already. However, without difficulties I managed to say no to the salesgirl although that's the same exact purse I've been looking for the past couple of months & on top of that it's only 20 bucks ! Knowing the real me, for that kindof price I would never think twice. Ain was very surprise to see that new me and honestly, I think I deserve a pat on my shoulder that day.

Money is not easy. I'm lucky enuff it aint that hard for me to earn money. But that is certainly not a good reason for me to spend money unnecessarily. I guess I've learned my lesson well now that I've appreciate money more. Money is good for nothing unless we know the value of it by experience.


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