04 January 2010

Pissed.....Again !

Are 4 pairs of school uniforms a year is too much to ask? Parents out there, enlighten me please. How many pairs of school uniform you bought for your kids? Am I being greedy for asking 4 uniforms for my daughter this year?

I admit that this year I've asked double the quantity I've asked the previous years. But then, I have my own reasons of doing so. All of Marsya's existing uniforms are sort of ruined already. Not ruined in a sense of torn or damaged but it's more on the appearance of it. You know, white baju kurung.....once it's stained it wont be that easy to clean it. Marsya's uniforms are stained with all sort of things on it - water colour, food, pencil's lead....just name it, you'll have it all there. It's like an extra drawing blocks of hers it seems. This is the reason why I'm so against her idea of using baju kurung to school. Children at her age didnt know how to take care of themselves, let alone keeping their clothes clean.

During my time, primary school students ( or should I say, Methodist Gilrs School's students) are only allowed to use pinafore to school. Even for secondary school, only when you're in Form 4 you're allowed to use baju kurung as a uniform. Honestly, I find this regulation very practical especially at primary level. The beauty of using a pinafore is that only the sleeves are exposed to dirtiness - unlike baju kurung where the whole tops are so "vulnerable".

I strongly feels that all primary schools should apply the same rulings. It brought more good than harm to the pupils & not forgetting the parents too, though indirectly. What is so sinful for a school children to be in skirts? They're just small kids, for crying out loud! The only reason why Marsya ends up in baju kurung is because all of her other Muslim friends are using it. She's too embarrassed to be the only Malay girl in her class with a pinafore instead. I have my own say about these things but I'd better reserved my comments ( for I might say something ugly that would end up me being labeled as a secular ).

Wow ! Look at how much I've deviated. I've end up babbling about school uniforms when my initial intention is to express my anger. But then, the main point here is still about school uniforms, right? So, I didnt deviate that far off I supposed. So, what pissed me off actually? It's nothing new anyway. Marsya's dad make it such a big deal when I asked him to buy 4 pairs of school uniforms for her. C'mon, I'm not asking him to buy 4 new tops for me. It's for his own daughter - his only flesh & blood, for God's sake !

Besides making a big fuss out of it, he & his wife can actually tell Marsya that her mummy is just plain lazy. She's too lazy to wash her daughter's school uniform in the mid week that she needs that much of them. I'm just so, so speechless. That proves it ! A fool will forever remain a fool! That's the downside of being stupid. If you're ugly, there are 1001 ways to make you beautiful. But if you're stupid, nothing much can be done to replace that air-head of yours. Adios !


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