14 January 2010

Studying Is Indeed Stressful

Marsya has been quite stressed being a Year 5 student this year. It's only the 2nd week of schooling & yet she has started complaining. The amount of homework she brought back from school everyday was enormous. I cant imagine how bad things gonna be next year when she's in Year 6.....scary, huh?

The other night she had to stay up till 1 am in the morning to finish all her homework. That's when she started asking me how many more years of schooling she needs? Wow, obviously I have a super-stressed girl with me now. So I told her it's better not to really count the years for it'll make her more frustrated. Just sail along with it & enjoy those good times with her friends at school.

Poor girl.....I feel you, Marsya for I've been there too. Me & studying are never in sync. I've always hated studying. Going to school meeting friends is fun, but others? Hell no! It's the exams & those torturing pre-exam preps that I hate the most. Even homeworks are still okay with me. But exams? Arrggghhhhh !!!!!

17 years of continuous tortures - nothing beats that. To some people they might think that "torture" is a bit exaggerating of an expression but to me that's the most appropriate word to describe how I felt all those years. 11 years of schooling with 3 major exams ( Year 5 Assessment Exam, SRP & SPM.....phew! ) plus 2 years of Science Matriculation and 4 years of Degree! Do I need to say more? Damn torturous !

I could still remember that very day, right after I stepped out from the exam hall after my final paper during my final year of Degree - my head felt so darn light, it's like not having any up there. Seriously, I've never felt that relieved in my life. It's a great feeling I've ever experienced - it felt like I've just being re-born where there's completely nothing cramping my mind. So fresh & lively.

Honestly, I never did like studying - something I can never share with Marsya - a very, very bad example. I remembered when I got the offer letter from the university - I hid it under my mattress for days. I couldnt bear going thru all the studying process again after 5 - 6 months of a good break. Then, I felt guilty & surrendered myself to my parents with the offer letter in my hand.

That's why I've always looked up on those people who furthered their studies. Especially those who've already have a family & career to commit to. I certainly cant do it - even if I'm being paid lots of money. I just cant see myself going through all those horrifying experience again. Never !

One thing I should be grateful with is being blessed with a good brain. I still get through all those exams quite well (some with flying colours) with so less effort. My friends at the uni often envied me coz they can hardly see me studying but yet I managed to get through like the rest of them. Well, I owe this to my parents for the mixed parentage factor - not only I'm smart, I'm pretty too !! Hahaha.......


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