05 January 2010

Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant

Been wanting to write a review about this place but I just dont feel like writing about food lately. Frankly, I have another 3 - 4 more restaurants waiting to be published in my blog. Since Carol asked about it this morning, I guess dropping a few notes about the restaurant wont do me much harm, isnt it?

Went here about a month ago if I'm not mistaken. It started when my friend asked me to google up for him a nice seafood makan place. He needs to entertain 2 of his kwailos customers & he didnt know where to take them to.

So, Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant (BSGR) came into the picture since "decent" is one of the specs. required for the restaurant as outlined by that fren of mine. We have to show the best of Malaysia to these two Britons right? BSGR by far, is the best seafood restaurant in KL according to the reviews I've read - in terms of food & restaurant's environment. As a reward for finding the place for him, I was invited to join them ........ yippie !!!

What attracted me to this place is one of the picture which showed the dining glass counters with water flowing underneath. It looks really outstanding for being able to dine in such an awesome environment. I guess my expectation went a little bit too far here. Apparently only one small corner of the restaurant is having this special dining table - with maximum 3 tables only...... huhuhu. The rest are those normal round tables most Chinese restaurant are having.

We ended up at the round table too since those special glass counters are a bit too small for all 4 of us. But then it's not that bad since it's located right besides those special tables where the sounds of the water flowing could still be heard. Very soothing & calming feature indeed.

We ordered 6 dishes including the fried rice. Of all, I think I like the titbits the best......hehehe. You guys must be wondering, is this lady sick or what? But their peanuts are really nice. We even asked for an extra plate of it. It's the ground peanuts - not fried but rather steamed / boiled. The taste & texture are just right that makes your hands keeps on reaching for more.

The first dish that landed on our table was the Hot & Sour Suzhou Soup. It looks quite similar to that infamous Szechuan Hot & Sour Soup. Taste wise, I'd prefer the Szechuan soup better. This Suzhou soup though the name is Hot & Sour, neither of the taste I could actually detect. But that doesnt mean it's not nice. It's still tastes good though.

The next dish is the Fried Rice. Nothing so outstanding about the fried rice - it's the normal fried rice you've had at any Chinese restaurant. The chicken that we ordered was the Deep Fried Chicken With Curry Leaves & Chilli. It was ok but I dont really like it as it was a bit sweet to my taste.

Their 2 Combi Kailan was good though. I like it so much especially those crunchy portion at the top. They have 2 versions of Kailan fried together - the crunchy ones & the normal sauteed ones at the bottom. Something different from other fried Kailan I've tried elsewhere.

Then, it was the Buttered Prawns. Just like the Fried Rice, it goes the same with this Buttered Prawns. Nothing really fancy to shout about.

Last but not least was the Chilli Crabs. This one was really good. Their crabs are really meaty - lots n lots of meat. The sauce were as nice too. It's that thick chili sauce mixed with egg and the taste is simply awesome. One thing about crabs, I'm never good at eating it. I sometimes felt that it's just not worth eating. The effort we've to put in to break the shell doesnt worth the amount of meat obtained. Nevertheless, the sweetness of the crab meat is something you cant compromise with. That I must agree.

Generally, it was a good dinner. Plenty of good food & nice environment. As far as the price is concerned, I wouldnt say it was a cheap place to eat. Cant comment much about their prices as my dinner that night was being paid for - lucky me !

To those who are interested to try out their food, below are the details of the said restaurant :

Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant (Website)
One Bangsar,
No 63, Jalan Ara,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur (Location Map)
Telephone: +6 03 2282 2555, Fax: +6 03 2284 4827
Email: customercare@bangarseafood.com
(Lunch: 12:00pm – 2:30pm)
(Dinner: 6:00pm – 10:30pm)


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