06 January 2010

Dirty Old Man

When a guy is hitting on you, it can sometimes be so annoying. Now, imagine a 70 year old man hitting on you. My only reaction to this would be....eeewwwwwww disgusting!! Bloody sickening! I just cant imagine anything else more revolting than this. 70 year old man? Yuckkkssss !!

A friend of mine just had this traumatized experience. What makes it worse is that the old rat is somebody she knew for a long, long time whom she respects & honours as her own father. All those respects were then thrown in the drain when he started talking with his dick instead.

Guys will always be guys regardless of how old or young they are. Never underestimate this species for you'll end up being very, very disappointed. How many times have you came across news about a 70+ year old grandfather raped their own grand-daughter? I'm sure it's nothing that shocking anymore.

They are all the same.....old or young !!!

As a norm, men would always find it hard to control their sexual desires. Often they let that sexual sense of them take control of their sane mind. It seems impossible for them to differentiate between love & lust. Being faithful is just an unattainable solace. Honest & loyalty are never in their dictionary.

So to all women out there, please be careful. Take extra care of yourself or your daughters & sisters when the other species is around. Never take things for granted especially in this millennium where men can be more inhuman than animals. I know this may sound harsh but with all the stories I'm hearing about guys everyday really scared the shit out of me.

That particular 70 year old man I talked about earlier, he cant even stand properly. He wobbles & shakes while walking and yet he could still sexually harass that poor fren of mine. I'm sure all those wobbling & shaking would immediately disappear once he got the pool to dip his rotten stick into!

To my fren, stop blaming yourself for what happened. It's not your fault girl. It's totally his fault for not being able to identify which head to use even after living for so long. Adios Grandpa ! I just wished you could look into the mirror while saying all those dirty words to my fren. Then only you'd realized how ugly a human are you !


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