07 January 2010

I'm Thrilled

The title says it all. I AM thrilled. Nope it's not because I'm getting a handsome bonus. Neither am I getting any fat increment whatsoever. I'm thrilled due to the number of hit I've received for my blog yesterday. It's something I've never expect. Didnt see it coming at all - at least not for the next 5 years or so.

As of 10.00 pm yesterday, my reader's counter showed an outstanding figure of 357 (305 locals & 52 overseas). I did noticed that for the past couple of weeks, there has been quite an increase to the number of readers. I used to get between 25 - 30 max a day but these numbers has been extensively increased to 70 - 80 readers a day. This alone has made me one happy blogger already. Let alone 357 !

Yesterdays rating was a history to Red Scoot On The Move (I'm quite certain it's due to that Brainless Mutants entry posted) Three hundred fifty seven.....three hundred fifty seven.....these numbers keep on playing in my head as they are such a disbelieve for me. For a cikai blogger like me this is indeed an achievement to be proud of - provided that the statistics provided by Widgeo is accurate. But then, watta heck ! I'm just gonna assume the numbers are accurate & savour the moments....... hehehehe.

So to my readers out there, what more can I say but million & million of thanks for making up my day. It's an indeed the best new year gift I've ever got. Thank you so, so very much !


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