06 January 2010

Cooling Down

After reading my latest entry about those brainless mutants, my BFF highlighted to me that I've been having lots of negative vibes around me this whole week. Cant blame her for saying that since all four entries I've posted so far are so full of hate & rage. Well, what can I say - they keep on hitting on me that I just cant close one eye & let it go without ranting about it here.

Anyway to balance the situation, I'm gonna write something pleasant this time. Something to put off the flame that has been burning in me these few days. With the age catching up very fast on me, I might end up having a high blood pressure should I decided to prolong the hatred in my system.

In my pursuit to good health, I tag along with Carol to Pavillion during lunch time. Neither me nor her got any specific reason of going there. We just need the walk & refresh our minds a little. But then since we're already there, we thought of checking out the bags that have been bugging our head since we laid our eyes on them.

Matches my attire perfectly or shud I say, it enhanced my look

Okay, mine would be that striking yellow Carlo Rino hobo bag ( definition, as in Wikipedia : Hobo bag is style of handbag that is typically large and characterized by a crescent shape, a slouchy posture and a long strap designed to wear over the shoulder. Hobo bags are made out of soft, flexible materials and tend to slump, or slouch, when set down ). Been eying on it for at least 2 months or so. What's been holding me up then? What else if it's not the price la.......a bit too pricey for me.....huhuhu.

Carol's was that black & white striped Sachs handbag. At least hers is not as expensive as mine ( me & my forever expensive taste.....duhhhhhh ). It was RM100 cheaper than mine. I would have taken it already if I were her.......hehehe.

You can never go wrong with black & white

Whenever we're at Parkson Pavilion, without fail we'll be checking out these 2 favourite bags of ours. Surprisingly after a few months they are still there......or could it be a message from God that they are meant to be ours? Jeng...jeng...jeng....

Yeah...yeah....stop dreamin' ! I dont think it's justified enuff to allow ourselves to burn a hole in our pockets. By the way, since both of us had quite a good shopping spree in 2009, we're trying to cut it out this year. I know it's hard but it's surely worth a try, isnt it? It's now the 6th day of 2010 & I'm proud to announce that I havent shop a single thing yet. It may be too early to celebrate but I still count is as an achievement (for I am one chronic shopaholic). You go girl !


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