22 January 2010

Revlon Beyond Natural Foundation

I saw the ads on this foundation when Revlon first launched it somewhere early last year. I am the loyal user of Revlon's liquid foundation, by the way and been using the Colorstay Softflex range for years. I like this particular ones for its easy application & it doesnt makes my face looked like the chinese opera actress unlike some other foundation.

A few weeks ago, I was reading a magazine (it was last year's mag actually) where they are discussing about this particular Beyond Natural foundation & primer. A foundation that self-adjusts to match your skin tone? How is that so? It sounded a bit gimmicky yet alluring enuff for me to try it out.

So, the moment I've finished the last drop of myColorstay foundation, I wait no more to get me this new Beyond Natural together with it's primer, which is supposed to even the skin tone for a smooth & virtually poreless looking complexion. It also supposed to help the foundation adhere better for longer-lasting wear.

The result? Awesome! I'm so loving it ! My already hot looks is now sizzling..... hehehehe. It hides all my skin imperfections & even-up my skin tone. I'm sure the primer plays it role in some ways too. I'm not sure whether the result would be as good if only the foundation alone is being applied.

5 reasons why this foundation should be on your dressing table :

  1. Remember the self-adjusts feature I mentioned earlier? Well, that's the magic of this product. It comes out of the tube in white liquid form but colour changes to match your skin tone as you rub it onto your face. Amazing, isn't it?
  2. It’s not cakey, very matte and sheer.It doesn’t even feel like you are wearing a makeup. It's very light that it makes your skin look its best without looking fake or overly done.
  3. It gives an even, natural & semi-matte finish. My BFF even commented that my skin looks glowing....hehehehe.
  4. It has SPF 15 - so you will not need to use any additional sunscreen (unless you expect to have a lot of sun exposure).
  5. It's pretty much affordable considering the miracles it'll do to your looks . The 30ml foundation is priced at RM61.90 & the primer (25 ml) is RM58.90.


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