25 January 2010

Women & Aging

For the past1 week or so, I've changed the frequency for my radio in the office to 104.9 that is Red FM. It was Fly FM before but I've reached the limit whereby I just couldnt stand it anymore - who else if it's not that perasan DJ of theirs, no other than that slutty Hunny Madu. Uurrgghhhh.... I cant stand that b*t*h. I dunno what has gotten into her that whenever she talks, she just have to make it so puke-able. She would accessorize her deejaying with those oohhhs & aahhhs in which she thought would hike up her sexy meter when the actual fact is completely otherwise. She sounded so pathetic & desperado instead. I am so hating that woman.

Anyway, she's not the object I'm writing about today. It's this Red FM presenter by the name of Nisha who has turned 30 last friday & was feeling very, very bad about it. She was whining & complaining about it as if something really bad just happened to her. You're just 30, for God's sake. And what is so f**king wrong if a child called you auntie? Better than calling you by your name, isn't it? Looks like another female just add her up to my hate list !

Honestly, 30 is a great year in any woman's life. It is the age where we women blooms. I've always felt that women looked at their best at the age of 30. I did (& still as hot after 10 years) & I'm very sure other women too. It's the age where our maturity is shown through our beauty. It's the age where we're so in control of ourselves. Knowing how to fall in love without losing ourselves. Knowing when to try harder & when to walk away. Knowing who you can trust, who you can’t and why you shouldn’t take it personally.

I agree that turning 30 can be quite scary for some of us. It's the time when we start analyzing our hope & dreams of 20s. It would be a shock to realize some or most of them have not materialized. But hey, life is not a neat & complete package - it can never be perfect.

So, there's no reason to mourn on your 30th birthday. In fact, it should gives you a sense of confidence & controls. 20s are when you prepare yourself with all the skills & talents - some sort like the training ground. Reaching 30s is when you master those skills & talents and used them to achieve your goals & dreams.

Time and tide wait for no man, but time always stands still for a woman of thirty - Robert Frost.


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