05 January 2010

A Child Is A Child

I bought this food container for Marsya to bring food to school everyday. The one she've been using before is still ok but this particular Dora Explorer's case is too cute to resist. On top of that it's pink in colour & I'm sure Marsya's gonna love it.

Apparently, I was so wrong. So, so very wrong indeed. You know what Marsya told me about that container? "Mummy, I'm in standard 5 already this year. I'm not 7 or 8 years old anymore. I'm a big girl now. You know this morning at the canteen, everybody was looking at me when I took it out from my bag. It's too childish la mummy......"

What can I say? What she said is technically true. She's no longer my lil princess whom she used to be. She've grown up. But then, grown doesnt mean a thing to a mother like me. A child is a child. They get bigger, older but grown? Never. Through my eyes, my Marsya would still be that cute lil' girl of mine & forever she'll remain that way. And I'm every sure, every mothers on plant earth felt the same way too.

So, whenever your mum repeatedly gives you the same advise or reminding you the same old things she did for the past 30 years or so, just bear with them. Just listen & smile back to her. You might feel that you've already grown up that you dont need anybody to remind you about anything anymore, but to her, you're still that small child she used to cuddle & embrace.

This morning, while packing Marsya's food to school, I've used her old plastic container instead. Confused, she then asked why am I not using that Dora container. I dont wanna embarrass you in front of your frens, I said. It's ok mummy, I'm not embarrass. It's a gift from you & therefore I wanna use it still. That moment all I did is hugged her tight. I must have done something good in life that God blessed me with such a precious gift.

A Mother's Child

A mother's child is every breath that she takes,
walking hand in hand, they are every step that she makes.

And as their steps will grow to strides,
still a child, in mother's eyes.

Every ache and pain they shall feel,
mother will share and with love she will kneel.

She will pray to God to take care of her child,
to protect and guide them through every mile.

Her child is the very core of her soul,
from baby in arms to an adult they will grow.

For to a mother, her child will stay,
the precious infant she held that day.



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