07 January 2010


Have you ever felt so helpless that it totally drained your whole system out? You wished you could do something to make things better but nothing appears to be helpful. You'll be searching frantically for the way out, panting and gasping for some air that suddenly seems to be thinning. What's left is you being helpless & incapacitated.

That's exactly how I felt right now. I felt so suffocated with the situation I'm facing right now. How I'd wished I could share it here but by doing so somebody might get hurt. And worse still, it's gonna be like a chain reaction where one thing will lead to another & ending up damaging more souls. The chest pain that I had since morning gets worse as if it could explode any minute by now.

If anyone of you thought this is about a man, well you are so very wrong. In fact, it's about a woman. A woman who has disappoint me big time. A woman who destroyed all the trust I once had over her. A woman whom I thought I could rely on but she had proven me wrong. A woman so wicked I wished I could just blow her head off ! Arrggghhhhhhh......I'm quite sure my chest gonna explode soon!

All I can say here is that whenever you've been given a responsibility, please do your utmost to carry it out - especially when it involves innocent lives. As a norm, people would always expect the return from what they've invested. The expectation is even greater when you are being paid a hefty sum of money. Have some sense & if not much, a bit of sympathy & consideration, if you please. Please dont take things for granted. Just becoz I've never open my mouth to complaint, it doesnt mean you could step on my head! When people treated you kindly, return their kindness with your sincerity. Never take advantage out of people's desperation.

Life is like a wheel. Today you might be on top of the wheel but someday you too will be down there at the bottom. Karma would definitely finds it's way to get even with you. Nobody will be spared - if it's not in this life, you will eventually get it in the after life. Just remember that!


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