13 January 2010

The Best Comment Ever

I would like to share with you readers a comment received for my Brainless Mutants entry, which I've considered as the best comments ever - apart from being the longest ones too. This is the kindof comments I would love to receive on what I've written - not those stupid remarks from trolls which would only sparks fire in me.

Here's what he wrote :

Dear Red Scoot,

Whilst i tend to agree with you on the case.. there are a few comments which may not be that sweet to your ear..

Firstly, i do agree that he is a bastard, if and if what is being claim to be true, no two way about it.. no man in their right mind would treat a lady like that. And i curse those living man who acts like a beast.

On the other hand.. he..he... forgive me as i tend at times to look on the other side of the river,, how can the lady marries the man in the first place?? She's 30 years her senior?? Was it love at first sight?? Is it really true that she didn't know that he's married?? Came to think of it, how many malay man out there is actually a divorcee, single at the age of 40 and above?? What more if he's on of the well known leaders? I bet his stories must have been public knowledge. If she actually didn't know, then my assumption is that she must really have been one naive lady, or maybe she's from one of the "ulu villages" where they are not actually expose to the outside world. thus not knowing who the bastard is..

Him being a philanderer is no surprise when you look back to being able to get married to a 30 year old lady.. but her getting married to him is somewhat questionable to me. Coming back to the question "was it really love at first sight?" Or was it " a way out of poverty and to live as a wealthy and comfortable woman" wallahualam..

You don't need to google to look into who this guy actually is. There are other simpler ways of knowing who this guy actually is if its in your mind to spend the rest of your life with. What more in this world of technology.... all you need to do is open your mind and think, then you won't regret later.

Married in June 2006 and now with 3 children?? The first child in March 2007 ( he has to hit a bul's eye for that March 2007 date), then another in march 2008 ( another bull's eye after the confinement assuming 2 months) and another in march 2009 (again another bull's eye.) Or does he has a twins or maybe a triplets? Why am i giving this statistics?? Check the facts.. ponder on the issues..

But anyway, while i condemn the behavior of the man himself, or a bastard whichever you choose to call him, does it actually cross our mind that maybe, just maybe... part of what she's going through may be due to her own foolishness too? Maybe out of her love (for not leaving him long before this, or just maybe, maybe its out of greed for luxury.. just maybe.. sometimes looking on the other side of the story may give us a clearer picture. But like i had written earlier, thats no reason for his beastly act. Its just actually knowing the bastard in the first place might have prevented her living her life in hell.

I totally agree with him. Looking back, he did has a point. Well, women are indeed stupid ( though not all of them but majority are ). And guys, knowing this fact tend to take advantage out of these womens' weakness. Rather than leading them to the right path, they've used women for their own pleasure & desires.

I've wrote enuff about this & I dont feel like prolonging the issue as it's gonna be a never ending story. Guys will always be guys - that's how they've been created. We, women just have to be careful & cautious with them. Be prudent & circumspect. The rest, leave it to God to decide.


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