06 January 2010

The Brainless Mutants

When a man becomes worse than animal, what do we call them? Calling them an animal would be an absolute under-statement. Somehow or rather, men have eventually mutated into a monstrous creature nobody would expect. Therefore no special category or name could well fit their characters & behaviour these days.

And why am I saying this? Well, I wont if I dont have the proof. Datuk Muhamad Mustafa Idrus is the living proof to these mutants - among many of them which is rapidly increasing in our society globally. However there's a hick-up during the mutation process that their brains didnt actually developed. Oppsss sorry, wrong vocab used - "developed" would mean part of it would still be there right?

In the case of these mutants, the brains are not even there. How sad isnt it ? What is even sadder is that they feed on woman's blood & tears.
I'm sure by now most of you have read the news about Mastura Bakar who is currently trying to get her marriage annulled by the Syariah Court. Reason being, she was married to a mutant of which I would like to nominate as the King of all mutants ( for now till another outstanding mutants transpired ).

A 24-year-old woman who’s been married for just three years has claimed that her husband slept with more than 10 other women during that period .

Mastura Bakar told the Lower Syariah Court that her husband, Datuk Muhamad Mustafa Idrus, 54, who was once married to singer Noraniza Idris, was never fair in polygamy and was a philanderer {no wonder Noraniza kept the identity of her husband as a secret - she must have been too ashamed to be married to this animal}.

“He is never fair (in his polygamous marriages) and had affairs with more than 10 women at hotels {with already 4 wives in hand, he could still swing his cock around...bravo!} . “I know him and I’ve contacted all the women that he slept with,” she told the Federal Territory Lower Syariah Court here yesterday.

Mastura also claimed that her husband, who is the Tasek Gelugor Umno committee member {helloo....and you can call yourself a leader, puhhhleaseee!} , often forced himself on her. She also claimed to have been beaten, slapped and kicked up to eight times when Muhamad Mustafa faced problems or when asked about his relationships with other women {why not picked up somebody your own size, coward!} .

Muhamad Mustafa allegedly broke things when he found out that Mastura ran away from home and knocked her over with a car once { Havent I make myself clear? He's worse than an animal} . “I am depressed and I wish to apply for fasakh (annul the marriage),” she told Judge Mohd Yunus Mohamad Zin.

Mastura told the court that she only found out about her status as the fourth wife when she gave birth to her first child. Muhamad Mustafa had married three other women, including Noraniza. After two years of marriage, Mastura said her husband did not come home as often. “Sometimes, he won’t come back for a week. In May 2008, he would drop by for a while and not even spend the night.”

Mastura, who is currently unemployed, claimed that Muhamad Mustafa had stopped providing for the family since December 2008. The couple married on June 3, 2006, in Perak and have three children. Muhamad Mustafa, who was not in court, was represented by lawyer Zaidi Ibrahim {Why not? Got no balls is it?}.


I've tried googling the picture of this bastard but to no avail. But come to think of it, there is a blessing to this. I might end up in jail for killing a man coz I wouldnt hesitate to run him over my car / bike should I've known how he'd looked like. A "thing" ( cant regards him a man as he's not human ) like him dont deserve a place in this world.

I wont be surprised if I receive tonnes of hate e-mail from guys out there due to this entry. But do I care? Nope ! In fact, writing this put a big grin on my face. It certainly makes me feel real good !


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