30 August 2009

The So-Called Sexy Pic.

This is the photo of my 10 years old daughter, Marsya. I need some views from all of you, my fellow readers out there.....do you consider this photo as sexy? If so, which part of it is sexy then? Kindly please enlighten me as I am currently so, so confused.

Marsya came back from his dad's place today telling me that she needs to remove this picture from her FB. Reason being, her dad feels that the pic is too sexy to be posted as a profile picture and he wants her to change it. Watta......???? This is already way too far. As it is, there are already so many restrictions imposed on her like no skirts, no short sleeves, no this.....no that !!! And now her normal pic is considered sexy.......puhhhhleaseeeeeee !!!

Not that I'm against all these rulings, knowing that they are all in accordance to the muslim rules. But then, my gurl is just 10 years old, for crying out loud! Give her a break. Let her enjoy her childhood at most. Let her try out all the fashion & clothing she desired to. Let her experienced the joy of her childhood life & savour the sweetness of each moments.

As a parent, my job is to guide her in determining what's right & what's wrong. I dont believe in controlling & hovering over a child in order to teach them. Excessive sheltering can lead them to a life of sneakiness (doing what they want to do behind the parent’s back), frustration, anger, and eventually rebellion. An overprotective parent accomplishes just the opposite !

So, back to that sexy pic story. For the past 15 minutes or so, I've been analyzing the picture so closely from all possible angles - trying to figure out the sexiness of this photo. For all I can see, she was very well dressed - no figure hugging tops neither exposed body or whatsoever. A guy who who'd say such a decent pic as "sexy" is either sick or a pervert !

My ex husband, Marsya's dad is really getting to my nerve now. He's lucky enuff that Marsya's under my custody. I dont know what kindof girl she would grew up to be now if it's the other way round. All he have in mind is nothing else but the dollar sign.......money, money & more money. Ironically, I still have to beg him for Marsya's alimony every freakin' month just for a mere RM200 !! To get that RM200 every month from him is like begging for a bowl of gold !!

So, dont talk about what's right & wrong to me if you cant even perform the basics. Look at yourself in the mirror before trying to correct other people. How about remembering that while you literally point one finger to somebody, the other three fingers are pointing to yourself !


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