11 November 2009

Tips To Handle Trolls

I'll let the picture speaks for itself.....

Spiteful jealousy (or "dengki" as we said it in Bahasa Melayu) is somewhat common in our society, particularly among the Malays. It's a negative sentiment among those brainless community who just cant sit in peace seeing other people who're better of than them.

In my case, I cant really blame these people. Not only I'm pretty, but I'm damn smart too. So, how can they not be jealous of me kan? Obviously these kind of people would have fire burning out from their arse knowing the facts that I am an outstanding person in my own class......oh yessss!

So, what's with all these self promoting thingy today? You see, I thought I've get rid of those stupid trolls after posting the
Loser entry a few weeks ago. For those who didnt know, trolls is somebody who leaves a message or comments in the internet (blogs, forums) with an intention to annoy people. In another word, trolls are brainless people who dont have a life with no better things to do.

Below is excerpt of an article about these stupidos & how do we handle them.

Not everyone is going to like what you write. The majority of them will tastefully rebut and you can carry on an intelligent discussion among the members of your community. if you go ahead and response to the people who are looking for a fight, it will only hurt your reputation and spill over into your community. Dont do it.

Here's how to handle the trolls :

  1. Ignore them - Let them say what they want & the ignore them. Do not response, no matter how many times they insult you. You cant reason with them.
  2. Delete their comments - When it comes to comments you're damned if you do and damned if you dont. If you let nasty comments stand, it makes your community uncomfortable. If you delete them, you're accused of stifling free speech. the bottom line : It's your blog and your community, cater to them, not to the trolls.
  3. Moderate comments - If the trolls are bringing friends and they're piling it on, moderate your comments. This doesnt have to go on forever, just until the furor dies down.

ust Not Engage

Here's the thing. The people who are really negative are doing so for a reason. They're trying to provoke a response. The more you give into it, the more you response, the more it will continue. No matter how much it kills you not to set matters straight, dont give in. Even if you're right, dont give in.

Your Community Comes First

When your blog becomes a battle zone your regulars will leave for neutral territory. They are not visiting your blog for the drama, (well, most of them arent). They're visiting for the advice and the atmosphere. Do the right thing and think of them first.


I would like to add another important thing here that is not to response to any of their negative comments. A reply to that credits a troll's statement is a victory. Any dispute against their statement is already a sign that the troll has won the battle. Your reply no matter how factual or solid they might have been, would only indicate that you've lost.

On the other hand, it's okay to detest someone's writings or blog coz we're only human after all. But how we handle such situations is what makes us different from the rest. There are a lot of other smarter way of showing your dissatisfaction rather being a rude & vulgar human being. Whatever you say or do is a projection of what's inside of you. So give it a thought, even a slightest of it, before you act !


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