31 December 2009

My Princess Is Coming Back

Yup, she's finally back in my arms after 5 grueling weeks. Though this is how things are every end of the year for the past 2-3 years, the pain never lessen a bit. I've to go through the same painful experience every year.

To be fair, the separation not only gave an impact to me but also to my dear princess. In fact, it's even harder for her.....my poor lil baby. Imagine having to live with a "stranger" for such a long time......at least I dont have to go through the same thing coz I'm at my own place.

I do feel sorry for her. Everyday when we chat online, all she did is complaining. She would be telling me how bored she is, how much she's missing me, how frustrated she is for not having anybody she could talk to...things like that la. All these whining and complaining makes me feel really bad for her.

I dunno whether I'm being biased here for all the hatred I have against her dad. But honestly, I dont think Marsya has been well taken care of when she was there. Like that one day where she had a bad sinus till both of her eyes were swollen. Her step mum dont even bother to give her any medicine to ease her pain. Only after I called her dad & told him about Marsya's well-being, then only they took her to the clinic. Even that, only after 8 pm they finally took her to see the doctor. ~ Sigh ~

Another thing I'm really not satisfied is the way they feed my daughter. I admit, I may have spoilt my precious for feeding her with good & healthy food everyday which I dont think is a crime at all, right? That's what every mother in the world would like for their kids kan? But I guess that rules only applies for your own flesh & blood. ~ sigh (again) ~

Few times Marsya told me that she's hungry coz her lunch time been dragged to 3 pm for some days. Well, it's ok if she had a heavy breakfast earlier but not when she only had bread or cereal in the morning. Like yesterday, she only had bread for breakfast. Then her lunch time was @ 3 pm & guess what she had for lunch? Maggi ! Yup you've read it right - it is MAGGI. How can I not be angry. No fast food or instant noodle could ever come near my daughter when she's with me. But at th other side, they'll stuff her with all sort of things (which I dont even consider as food ) - maggi la, Mc D la, carbonated drinks la......~ a very, very long sigh ~

I dont think I'm biased here right. I dont think my personal feelings overruled my own senses. Like I said before, any mothers wants the best for their kids. I too have my own stepchildren before & how do I treat them then? I was dubbed Best Step Mom of the world ! I rest my case.

I just hope the other party wont bumped into this particular entry of mine. Otherwise, the 3rd World War will bound to happen !


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