04 August 2009

Asia Pacific 2009 Power Seminar

Am having the Asia Pacific 2009 Power Seminar today & tomorrow which is going to be kindof a strength test for me...... a test to determine how strong am I in keeping my eyes wide open ! Anyway, I've been quite successful so far.......hehehehe. By the way, I am writing this blog entry during the seminar - am bored to death already !

The seminar is held at the Crown Plaza hotel. When I first heard of the venue, I was so thrilled bcoz that would means lunch will be at the Planters Inn Restaurant where there'll be lots of raw salmon served...yummy !

luck is not on my side this time. Carol & myself were going round & round the restaurant looking for our salmons but no sign of them at all. We've then being told by the waitress that they are not included in the menu currently......sigh. Guess, we'll just have to make do with the smoked salmon - less juicier & less sweeter.

It's not only the salmon actually..... the food, as in general is lack of variety anymore. The choices are no longer impressive like they've used to be. Even their dim sum are now limited to char siew pau - no more those delicious chicken siew mai........another sigh ! I guessed the hotel's business somehow or rather got hit by the recession too !

Fortunately, my favourite dessert is still there. I love their bread pudding very much. I've always spared some space in my tummy for this particular dessert. It's to die for !


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