19 August 2009

My New DVD Player

This is my new Pioneer DVD player which is DiVX compatible and comes with a USB connection port. It's a DVD player where you dont need a DVD anymore to watch a movie. All you need is to download a movie from the net, save it in a thumb drive, plug it in to the player & enjoy the movie. It's that simple !

I've been scouting for this kindof player over the weekend. Been thinking about getting it for quite some time already......it's just that I didnt have the time to do the surveys. Over the last weekend, I've gone to several shops in a quest for the best ones. And that's how I've came across this model.

It has all the functions I need - DiVX compatible & the USB connection port. Apart from that, it has the Video Adjust function which allows versatile image control for customized picture quality where the sharpness, brightness, contrast, gamma, hue, and chrome level can be adjusted. It can also record songs from CDs to USB drives. The data is stored in MP3 format with the choice to choose the bit rate from 128/192/320 kbps.

For all these cool features, it only cost me RM199!


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