18 August 2009

Eclipse - The Movie

Just found out that they have started doing the sequel for the Twilight Saga, New Moon. As I'm writing this entry, the shooting of the film has already started. If New Moon was filmed in Italy, Eclipse's is done in Vancouver, Canada.

The excitement of waiting for the New Moon hasnt really settled down, now I've to handle another one....sigh. But frankly, of all 4 series, Eclipse is the least favourable ones. I remembered skipping lots of pages especially those stories about the werewolves.....they are just too bored to read ! Nothing much being told about Bella & Edward. Most of the time it's about Bella's confusion in determining whom she actually loved - Edward or Jacob. Urgggghhhh.....as if it is so difficult !!!

There's nothing similar about them both except for their immortality. They are not even equally good as Edward is much, much better than Jacob in terms of strength, character and most importantly, looks. I would definitely fall for Edward without a slight doubt !

Anyway, I would still watched it when it's released, tentatively by 30th June 2010. I sure hope it's worth waiting for.


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