13 August 2009

My **** Is An Idiot

I was really fuming today. For a moment I felt like a dragon where fire comes out through my nose. Can you imagine my boss could pass me an assignment @ 4.30 pm & expect me to get it done by end of the day ! The best part is that he's been sitting on it for the past 7 days! OMG......he's such a stupid moron !!

Where the f##k is his brain? What happen to this thing called "common sense"? Obviously he didnt have any ! One thing about this guy is that he's so good in sitting on enquiries and he can called himself a MANAGER. He would receive an enquiry & keep it in his inbox for days & on the very final minutes of the submission day, he'll calmly called one of us & expect us to do miracles.

Where on earth did he put his brain?
I am supposed to replace my colleague who's currently on her maternity leave. Her scope of work is somewhat different from mine though some part of it are similar. To take over her job I obviously need a couple of days to get myself familiar.....not just 1 - 2 hours ! I dont even know where to start, for crying out loud !!

So, what I did is that I told him straight to his face that I couldnt do it - I cant get it done by today. It's Thursday today & I cant stay back as I need to send Marsya to her piano class. So, good luck to him !


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