26 August 2009

Condolences To My Plants

Today I came back to KL after spending 4 wonderful days in Kuantan with my parents. It was such a happy moments for me & my precious Marsya. All we did is sleep.....and eat (after buka pose lah). I really had a good rest in Kuantan - the kindof rest that I've longed for the past few weeks.

So, today is the day where all those wonderful days had to stop since I'm supposed to be back to the office. The moment I stepped into my house compound, I was greeted by my dead plants! Nope, it's not a typo.....they are indeed dead......huhuhu.

Obviously my brother did not perform the task I've assigned to him before I left for Kuantan 4 days ago. It was such a sad moments for me to look at those dead plants of mine especially my beloved chilli plant which still have 2 green chillies & 1 red ones on it.

I was so angry at my brother......harapkan pagar, pagar tak boleh harap! He's so lucky he's my own flesh & blood. Otherwise.....ntah lah, tak tau nak cakap. So gerammmmm !!!!!


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