09 August 2009

CT's Birthday Dinner

We went to TGIF @ IOI Mall to celebrate CT's birthday today. Her birthday was on Friday but we only got to celebrate it today since it's her off day. I don't actually plan to celebrate it here but we were there at IOI Mall & it seems that TGIF is the most decent place there.

I cant remember the last time I've been to TGIF but what I can remember is that their portion of food is huge. One dish can be comfortably shared by 2 persons. Dunno what's wrong with me....... it's either the dimmed lighting that I couldnt see the menu clearly or the strong BO from the Nigerian waiter which makes me lost my focus.

CT's birthday present

These were ordered that night : Adobo Chicken, Boneless Buffalo Wings and Fish & Chips. Out of these 3 dishes, only the Fish & Chips are okay. The other two are a failure especially the Adobo Chicken. It is covered by this green herbs kindof sauce which tasted very, very funny. The thing is, the picture of this chicken in the menu doesnt show those horrible green sauces. So, what we did is to wipe out those sauces away & just eat the chicken.

Anyway, their complimentary birthday cake was good - it was a very delicious ice-cream cake. Too bad it's only a slice of it......nama pun free kan? It is a tradition in TGIF to present the cake to the birthday person while singing him/her a birthday song plus doing some practical jokes on them. CT being a very shy girl was really embarrassed - her face turns red ! Poor girl !


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