21 August 2009

Thai Express

Went here for lunch with Ain & Ija today. This particular outlet is situated in Pavillion. I understand that there are other outlets available in KL such as in The Curve & Dataran Sunway. Frankly, I've never heard of this place before not until Ain suggested us to have lunch there, though she herself never tried the food there either.

Mango Salad

This restaurant by the way is located at level 4 of the Pavillion shopping mall. It was a cozy place, I would say. It doesnt look like any other Thailand restaurant where there are lots of Thai's deco being used. This particular ones is very modern & contemporary looking. The combination of the red & orange colours for the interior design really brightened up the place. It gives a fun & lively atmosphere to the patrons.

Soft Shelled Crab w/Spicy Curry Sauce

As for the food, they were quite good. It's the authentic Thai food & I'm quite sure they've imported their Chef all the way from Thailand. And why did I say this? Because the waiters & waitresses were also from there.

Eggplant In Tom Yam Sauce

We ordered 4 dishes : Tom Kha Gha, Soft Shelled Crab w/Spicy Curry Sauce, Mango Salad & Eggplant in Tom Yam Sauce. Of all these 4 dishes, I would say the Eggplant was the best. The other 3 were as good too especially the Mango Salad. Tom Kha Gha is a tom yam soup but it's with a coconut milk which is not as popular as other Tom Yam here in Malaysia.

Tom Kha Gha

I've only got one thing to complaint : the plate that they used for the rice is a bit too small. You cant really eat the rice comfortably or at ease, as you need to be careful not to spill your food on the table due to the small size of the plate.

Another no-no here is this one particular drink called Chiang Mai Mango. I really dont know how different can a Chiang Mai mango be coz this drink doesnt taste like any other mango drink I've tasted before. It tasted more like a milk than a fruit juice. Poor Ain as she's the one who ordered this. The best thing is, when Ain told the waitress about the funny taste of this drink, she just admit it. Yeah, it's tasted funny & not nice, she said ! Can you imagine that ?? It's either she's too blur or she just dont understand English that well !!


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