30 August 2009

Happy 52nd Independence Day !

The above is the official logo & motto for this year's Independence Day which is the 52nd anniversary. Congratulations to all Malaysians for this achievement !

So, what does "Merdeka" means to you? To most people (me, included), merdeka day is just another day, except that it's a public holiday for all. When I was a kid, on national day, I would make an effort to wake up early in order to catch the merdeka parade celebration on TV. As a kid then, watching people dressed up in those colourful attires plus the decorated vehicles can really excites me.

As I grew up, the meaning of merdeka had been a different dimension. I no longer celebrates merdeka on 31st August every year. Merdeka to me would be after I've finished sitting for those important exams during schooldays.......Ujian Penilaian Darjah 5, SRP and SPM. I remembered shouting "Merdeka" everytime I've finished sitting for the final paper of each exams.....especially SPM.

This continues till the university level. And the ultimate merdeka for me was that moment when I've finished the last paper of my final university exam. That was the most relieved feeling I've ever had in my entire life ! I've never felt that much of freedom and liberty than what I felt that very day - that shows how much I've hated studying......heheheh. Finishing that final exam means that I dont need to even look at those educational books anymore......no more tutorials.....no more assignments......no more lab reports......no nothing! Total ultimate freedom !!! I guessed that's exactly how those national warriors who fought for the independence felt the moment Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj shouted the word "merdeka" at the Merdeka Square (formerly known as Selangor Club field) 52 years ago.

Like me, I'm sure each and everyone of you have your own version of merdeka stories. Whatever it is, let's just savor those independence moments with gratitude & gratefulness to the Almighty. For now, every now and then when my boss is not around, that's when I'll be celebrating merdeka in the office.

Merdeka ! Merdeka ! Merdeka !!!!


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