08 August 2009

Secret Recipe

The initial plan is to have lunch at our new favourite restaurant, Restoran Ayahanda. However, when we reached there it was already 2.30 pm and most of the dishes have already finished. We're a bit disappointed especially Marsya but then what can we do since it's our own mistake for being late.

This is how pleasant we looked before the food came

Marsya then suggested Secret Recipe as an alternative. So, we headed straight to the one in Pandan Indah. Frankly, I've never tried out their food except for the cakes. But I've heard some good reviews / comments on their other menus.

Our lunch turned out to be a complete disaster. The food there in Secret Recipe sucks big time! For the price I've to pay, it's really not worth it. Frankly, I would say that the food at the pasar malam are much better.

What we've ordered are Spaghetti Bolognaise, Curry Laksa and Mutton Black Pepper Pie. The spaghetti is so damn dry and when I asked for an extra sauce, they said it's a pre-packed thingy, so no extra sauce is available. What they did is that they just unpack the sauce & reheat it in the microwave oven. Crappy......really crappy.

The Curry Laksa is as bad. Dunno whether it's a curry or masak lemak kuning. There's no specific taste to it......it is just so bland. The pie is the worst. The filling tasted like it is already spoiled. I have to take it out from my mouth after biting it......yeah, it is that bad !

I dunno whether it only applies to the P.Indah branch since I've never tried their food elsewhere. But one thing for sure is that I wont be spending a single cent anymore at this premise with an exception to their cakes only. I really think they should just stick to the cake business & forget about diversifying !


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