22 August 2009

Ramadhan Is Here Again

It's amazing how fast time flies and now its already the first day of Ramadan! I would then like to wish all of my Muslim friends Selamat Berpuasa. Be strong and keep your faith always! I hope this Ramadhan would bring all the good things, more meaningful, blissful and blessed!

Speaking of Ramadhan, I've not been a very good girl when I was a kid. I started to fast just like other kids too which is at the age of 7. However being a devil, I only managed to complete my 30 days puasa at the of 13 - such an embarrassment huh! I've always ponteng my puasa - without my parent's knowledge of course !

I remembered very well how I actually drank the tap water in the bathroom while having bath after school. I also remembered breaking my fast with a few frens at school after the netball game practice. And how could I forget stealing the foods while preparing the table for breaking fast.......sigh !

Come to think of it, I am so grateful to be blessed with a very good daughter who could fast 30 straight days at the age of 6. I must have done something good that God blessed me with her. What more can I say but alhamdulillah. May she grew up into a better person than her mummy, at least. Aminnnnn !


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