22 August 2009

Bubur Lambuk Pahang

Today is the first day of Ramadhan, the first day Muslims all around the world starts to fast. I am very lucky to be able to celebrate the coming of this special month with my parents in Kuantan. The fasting month this year has coincided with the 2nd terms school holidays which allows me to take a few days extra leaves.

For this very first day of puasa, I've decided to treat myself with a very special dish I've craved for at least a year or so. Not that I didnt know how to prepare it, neither do I not wanting to do it but then there's this one particular ingredient which is not really available here in KL.....huhuhu.

Bubur Lambuk Pahang is very much different from other bubur lambuk I've came across. For an east coastern, most of our food are fish-based. We love fish so much that we use fish in most of our dishes, like nasi goreng, karipap & pulut panggang to name a few.

Same goes with the Bubur Lambuk where the main ingredient is fish. That puts our Bubur Lambuk in it's own class - as unique as it can be. Another compulsory ingredient is the vegetable used in it. Here in Pahang, we called it "Pucuk Paku Merah" since the colour of the leaves in indeed red.

The Pucuk Paku Merah

This Pucuk Paku Merah is that particular ingredient which forbids me from preparing this dish in KL. I've seen once or twice this Pucuk Paku Merah being sold at Pasar Tani but it's something very, very rare. Unlike in my hometown it is so common, you can get it almost everywhere.

In the older days, we dont even have to buy these leaves. They can be found mostly in a moist & damp soil like small swamps which are largely spread around my parent's housing area. So, those days we just have to go by those swamps & pluck as many ferns as we want to. Well, those were the days........ Anyway, besides the Pucuk Paku Merah, there are a few other ulam used for this special porridge like daun kunyit, daun kesum & daun kaduk. All these ulams makes the aroma of the Bubur Lambuk so damn good !

So, to those who happens to be in Pahang or Kuantan specifically, do try our very own Bubur Lambuk which is one of the special local delicacies during the fasting month. Who knows you might love it as much as I do !


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