16 August 2009

I'm Sorry Dear Frens....

Facebook has becoming a very popular social networking to reconnect with frens around the globe. It's the same platform where I was re-united with my old classmates all the way from primary school up till the university. One contact leads to another & for all you know, you already have the whole class in your friends list. That's how small the world has become nowadays. Amazing huh?

Anyway, no matter how good a thing can be, there's still a downside to it. The same applies to Facebook. Facebook is indeed a very good tool to communicate with frens regardless of where you are. Yes, it's our own wall & we could write practically anything we want to. But then, just bear in mind that sometimes one man's meat can be another man's poison. What seems to be our joy might be somebody else's sorrow. By the way, this entry got nothing to do with it. It's just that FB seems to initiate the whole incident that I'm about to narrate.

I guess some things are better left unknown. Today, I was struck by somewhat I would say, reality. Yeah, as the saying goes....reality bites. I find out in FB earlier that a good fren of mine was down in KL & met up with my other frens just a few km away from my house & none of them thought of letting me know about it. I dont really know what I felt actually....sad, left behind, upset are mixed up altogether. I called her up & cried. I cried and cried.....like a girl who just lost her mum. I dunno why I'm so emotional but my tears seems to be unstoppable.

To Atie, K.Mimi & Jamie.....dont feel guilty. It was not you girls' fault.....it was mine. When one finger is pointing at you, the other four are pointing at my own face. Seriously, it was my fault from the very beginning. I've been shying away from you girls all these whiles especially during those difficult time of mine. Not that I intended to but.... let's just call it inferiority complex. I cant even face my own self then....what else to confront you girls. So, gals it's really okay for disregarding me actually.......that's how it used to be. I've never really joined you gals' before......so, what gives me the luxury this time to suddenly be included, right?

I hope none of you are offended with my comments in the 2nd paragraph above. Those are not meant for you gals. The thought of it came into my mind while writing this entry. Been thinking to write about it for quite some time but didnt get the opportunity to relate it to my other entries before. So, no offend ok ? Peace.....

Anyway to my dear frens, from the very bottom of my heart, I am really, really sorry. Please dont feel guilty as I'm the one who should be taking the guilt trip. I'm sorry if I've made any of one of you felt bad today....didnt mean to...sumpah...walllah !!!! Let's start all over again..... pleaseeeeeee........


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