08 August 2009

My Chilli Plant

Agak-agak leh dapat anugerah petani berjaya tak? Hehehehe......this is my chilli plant which I grew at the balcony of my kitchen. It surely makes me proud of myself. This is one of the thing you'll be rewarded with for doing good deeds to mother earth.

I love gardening....if only I have enuff land or soil to work with. In my case, since I'm staying in an apartment I'll just have to make do with the potted plants. Frankly, I dont think I'm really good in gardening since most of my plants either died or stop growing......hehehehe.
Maybe it's my hands - they are only good in the kitchen.

Anyway, that didnt stop me from continuing my effort to create a better environment at my apartment. Providing more oxygen to my neighborhoods. Go green.....love the earth !!


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