08 August 2009

My Red Scooter

As of today 8.8.2009, genaplah 4 tahun akak jadi minah rempit tak berlesen.....hehehe. 4 great glorious years. Frankly, I'm so grateful that I've decided to buy a scooter 4 years ago. It all started that one day when I was coming back from work. I was in my car then, which was in the static condition due to the traffic congestion. Then, came along this girl in her kapchai going swiftly in between cars. That incident has actually triggered me to be just like her - to be able to beat the traffic !

That was then I started to survey the best yet cheapest scooter in the market which finally brought me to Yamaha Ego. The price then was RM4,500.00. I've to wait for about 3 weeks for the red ones since red has always been my favourite colour. That is also where I got the name "Red Scoot" from. Quite a history huh.....

As I mentioned earlier, I am so grateful for opting to ride to work. There are so many great things that came along with it. First, the cost - I could save at least 80% of my traveling expenses a month. Riding a bike would only cost me RM30/month for both parking & petrol as compared to RM200 for car park....let alone the petrol ! On top of that, it only took me 15 minutes to get to the office - how much more convenient can it be ?

The only drawback to this is obviously safety la. Riding is undoubtedly dangerous - macam mentimun ngan durian la....menggolek kena, digolek apatah lagi ! Just need to be extra careful. Did tergolek 1 -2 times during the first few months - yet to master the skill of balancing. Sekarang dah terror....hehehe....berdesup pergi nyerrrrr !!!!


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