26 August 2009

Maggi For Buka Puasa

Huhuhu....that's a very sad fact. After 4 days of heavenly food, today this is what I had for my buka puasa. Maggi Sup + Meat Balls.......still, better than nothing kan ? Syukur alhamdulillah.

It rained like cats & dogs this evening, after work. It was too heavy, even my raincoat cant protect me from the rain. I'm not only wet but soaking wet ! So, I've to cancel my plan to buy food at the Bazaar Ramadhan near my place. Even if I'm not soaked, with that kindof rain, nobody would wanna open their stalls.

The rain stopped at approximately 6.30 pm. By that time, I was already too lazy to go out. So, that's how I end up with this menu. Anyway, like I've said to Ayu.....when you are eating on your own, no good food tasted nice anymore. Marsya's at her dad's which leaves me terkontang kanting on my own.......uwaaaaaa !!!!!!


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