08 August 2009

Restoran Ayahanda

For the past 1 week or so, myself & Marsya have been the very loyal customer for this restaurant. It is a new restaurant in Pandan Indah which I've just recently discovered about 2 weeks ago.

This restaurant serves traditional Malay food - nasi campur la. They have quite a number of dishes which ranges from chicken, seafood, fish & vegetables. Pendekata, semua masakan Melayu lah ! Apart from the nasi campur, they also have curry me, mi rebus & laksa....but I have yet to try out these options.

At the moment, the crowd is not that great yet. Maybe because the existence of this restaurant has yet to be known to the public since the location is not really visible from the main road. I'm sure it'll attracts more customers in time to come since there are not so many restaurants which sells nasi campur in this area.

The quality of food by the way, is very good. So far, all of the dishes I've tried are very good in taste. It's like home-cooked food. My Marsya who is considered as very choosy eater, liked the food here......and the drinks too. We often came upon restaurant who just couldnt make the drinks to our taste. This particular restaurant however, has never failed to satisfy us with their drinks - the taste is just right every time. As for the prices, it is quite fair I would say.....prices that wont make one's eye popped out.

Anyway, we would be the first to line up if the restaurant are to issue the customer's privilege card coz Marsya doesnt want to go to other places anymore nowadays. Less headache for me though !


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