23 June 2010

Butterflies In My Stomach

When was the last time your heart beats frantically as if it's gonna burst any moment? When was the last time your heart pumped twice as much blood through your veins that you feel a sudden heat rushing beneath your skin? And when was the last time you had that thump-thump feeling that makes your entire body vibrates & butterflies doing all sort of acrobatics in your stomach ?

As for me, I had all those unpleasant situations yesterday. For as long as I can remember, the only time I'll be experiencing that strong thump thump in my heart is when I'm with him - no other man could make me feel that way except for him. It's always him and it's forever him.

My first encounter was about 11 years ago, in the year of 2009. It was love at a first sight, undoubtedly. From that moment onwards, the thumping gets stronger every time I laid my eyes on him. And yesterday, the same thing happened - the same excitement & triumph I had 11 years ago - nothing less, which is pretty much expected.

I was watching a documentary which is supposed to be aired in the Discovery Travel & Living channel next month (July) called Living With A Superstar. This is a 10-part series of the number one love of my life, Shah Rukh Khan. I saw the ads in July issue of the Astrolife magazine which I received a few days ago. It is a documentary based on the life of SRK containing the rarest incidents and footage of him. It would trace SRK as a businessman, global hit, doting father & husband and finally the King of Bollywood.

Not a subscriber to this particular channel doesnt mean that I have to miss the show. When there's a will, there's always a way. And having to live in such a sophisticated world with all the outstanding technologies just at a click of our fingers, is definitely an advantage. And for this, I owed it to Torrent for making all the impossibles possible.

Watching that favourite face of mine is equally to watching Messi performed in the FIFA World Cup 2010 in the eyes of those football's die hard fans ( Mimi & Jamie in particular). The satisfaction of drooling over his gorgeous looks is similar to the satisfaction felt by the South Koreans when Park Chu Young scored the winning goal (against Nigeria) which brought their team through the Round of 16 ( who said I didnt know anything about football? ).

So, Shah Rukh Khan has again did his magic on me and to be frank, even Edward cant beat that. Sorry Ed, looks like you can only be my second best - but still my number 1 vampire boyfriend !


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