30 June 2010

The Shoe Story

I was at Pavilion ( yes.... again !) yesterday with my BFF. Nope, I'm no more in a quest for shoes though I still have 2 more shoes (silver & gold coloured shoes, that is) outstanding in my long must-haves list (apart from millions of other things). I was just accompanying her to survey some sport shoes (now that she's a mini-marathon runner lah kan......hehehe )

Since we'll be passing by Parkson and since their shoe sales were great, we thought of dropping by for our usual look-n-see session - with no intention of buying anything, at least for myself la. So there we were wondering around as if we've never been there before. Anyway, while we were busy checking out the shoes, I suddenly heard a cracking sound coming from my shoe.

FYI, I was wearing this nice, beautiful purple shoe which I've just bought yesterday from the shoe shop in my office building. This particular shoe has it's story of its own actually. Last couple of months before, I had the same exact shoe, bought at the same shop too. Unfortunately after being using it for less than 3 times, it was broken.

Feeling devastated since I really love the shoe, I've made a promise to myself that I would buy the same shoe again once the price is reduced to half, at least. So after a few months, it looks like my prayers been finally answered. The price really went half from its original value which left me feeling very excited & grab it right away without having any second thoughts about it.

I have to admit that it was the most stupid thing I ever did la. Knowing how flimsy the shoe is, how can I still buy the same one again ? Well, I was obviously blinded by that striking purple colour which on top of that, was complimented by that glimmering shiny gold base. So, which diva wouldn't fall for it right?

What happen was that, the banana has been produced twice from the same tree ( or as how the Malay says it, "pisang berbuah dua kali"). The same thing happened - the shoe broke...... again. The only thing left for me is to blame it on my own stupidity ! That's the price I've to pay for putting desire before insanity.......huhuhu.

Anyway, every cloud has its silver linings, isnt it? A broken shoe on my foot leaves me with no option but to buy a new one :) . This is one bright silver lining the cloud has gotten - the shoe certainly chose the right place & the right time to end up it's life. I was surrounded by shoes when it occurred and the best thing was - they were all on sale ! How much luckier one can be, huh?

So, here it is - my Carlo Rino snake's skin shoe which not only looks sexy on my feet but also portrayed my personality - deadly & dangerous......hahaha. So, watch out & dont you dare play-play arr........


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