25 June 2010

Ridiculous Sales Strategy By MNG

Remember this shoe from MNG ? I wrote about it 2 months ago, telling you guys how much I loved this shoe but not being able to own it due to my budget constraint.......huhuhu. Anyway, past is past & I'm completely over it already by now.

However, my BFFs & me were in MNG Pavilion earlier where I saw the same exact shoe was on sale. Unfortunately, only the brown colour is left for my size - which is not as nice as the black ones. The original price was RM 189 & they are now selling it @ RM 89 only ! But since I dont really like the colour that much, I took a pass.

Ain was luckier coz the black ones was still available for her size. But then, it's just too bad that the good luck doesnt seems to stay with her for long. As the cashier scanned the price, a different numbers appeared on the screen. It was RM 129 instead of RM 89. Upon checking with the salesgirl, we found out that the price difference was merely due to the different colours of the shoe. Can you believe that?

Have you ever encountered such a situation before whereby the same shoe design can have a different price for a different colour? Stupid isn't it? What makes it even stupider is that the original price was the same i.e. RM 189. Only now during the sales, they've decided to gave a different price for each colour - which I believed is their stupid sales strategy since the brown ones are not sell-able as compared to black ones. And the word "stupid" was the only word MNG heard coming from our mouth on our way out !

Anyway, I bought a very nice black shoe from Parkson. Fell in love with it instantly the moment I saw it. Bling-bling thingy is so me as it adds up to my fabulousity. By the way, Parkson Pavilion ( not sure of other branch though) is currently having a Mad Shoe Rush sale where they are giving 50% + 20% discounts for their shoes.

To those who are in dire needs of a shoe, waste no more time. Go to Parkson now before it's too late !


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