12 June 2010

Kuantan Oh Kuantan

Here I am writing this entry in the most happening town in the East Coast region of Peninsular Malaysia - where else but Kuantan. Home sweet home.......it's so good to be back. This time it's even better coz I'm on a loooooong holiday - 9 days of total escapism from the hectic world of KL.

Kuantan is hot - as always. Arrived in Kuantan about 1 hour ago after 3 hours of driving (which include a detour to Temerloh). This is one thing I have to do every time I traveled back to the East Coast. The attraction in that quiet town is too hard to be resisted especially for a fish lover like me. This is the only opportunity for me to feast my hunger on those tasty fresh water fish - Patin & Tilapia. Not that I cant get them elsewhere but honestly, I only eat Patin & Tilapia from Temerloh - the freshness & sweetness of the meat are something I cant compromise !

Besides the Patin & Tilapia, there are a few other things I've always looking forward to coming back to Kuantan. First & foremost is of course to be with my parents. There're so many stories & gossips to catch up with mum & sis. Who's getting married....who's getting divorced....who's getting a new baby..... any new neighbour ( or should I say, new hunk ) ......so on and so forth.

Besides the juicy gossips, it's time to treat my appetite with the authentic local food I've missed so much. These foods are not just any foods but Kuantan's speciality which are very dear to my heart. I'd rather hold back my cravings for I know they are worth a wait.

So, here are a few ( from a lot more ) of my not-to-be missed delicacies.....made in Kuantan !

The sinfully delicious Mak Leha's Asam Pedas - like no other !

Pulut Panggang
One thing special about this Pulut Panggang is the filling. Here in the East Coast, almost everything are made of fish - same goes with this tasty Pulut Panggang. It's the filling that makes it special, especially as compared to the ones from the West Coast where it is made of dried prawns instead.

Keropok Lekor
Though it is not as good as the ones from Kuala Kemaman, but at least it's much better than the ones in KL which has more flour than fish !

Well, the good news is that I have another 8 more days to treat this big appetite of mine. Let's not waste any more time - am going to the market now for the best Soya drink & taufu fah !

Cau cin cauuuuu !!!!


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