18 June 2010

Chicken Rice @ Tanjung Ria

I've been told once by a local Kuantanese about this Chicken Rice which according to him is the best in town. It was about a year ago when he told me that & I've been wanting to try it out ever since. And finally today I've made the dream comes true.

The verdict : it was just okay - not the best yet. But my mum & sis loved it very much. The chicken is a bit dry though the portion is quite generous ( same goes with amount of rice ). The soup is a bit different since they put the ripe cucumber chunks in it but then, it's really tasteless. The sauce is disappointing as well - too salty & doesnt really taste like a chicken rice sauce.

The Chee Meng Chicken Rice in Bukit Bintang is by far, still the best. Everything about it is perfect - juicy chicken meat, tasty soup & spicy sauce. Even the soya sauce that they sprinkled on the chicken is nice.

Anyway, Chee Meng's chicken rice is about 300 km away from Kuantan. I guess Kuantanese doesnt really have an option but to be happy with Tanjong Ria's. To those who wanted to try out this chicken rice themselves, this restaurant is located at Jalan Teluk Sisek, just opposite the Mobil petrol station. Break a leg !


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