03 June 2010

Marsya's 11th B'day

After Marsya's 10th birthday last year, I've actually told myself that it would be the last birthday party for her for at least 2 - 3 years ahead. But then, as a mother who always wants the best for her daughter, I just couldnt possibly say no when she asked me about it a few months back. From a simple, plain party as planned earlier, it has turn out to be the otherwise.

The "Goody Bags Team" in action

I told Marsya that her birthday party this year is not gonna be as big as last year's with all the deco, chocolate fountain, games & such. I was planning it to be as simplest as possible - just some food for the empty tummies & that's about it....... no games, no goody bags, no nothing. But then again, planning is what we do - the rest is all up to the Almighty.

Aren't they sweet?

Throwing a kid's birthday party is not as easy as it sounds. Lots of time & preps required in order to make it a success. And to solely doing them can be quite exhausting too. From deciding the venue, ordering the foods, preparing the goody bags, games, presents, guests & the list keeps going on and on - which is why I've again decided it's gonna be the last one for her, till her next 18th birthday !

As the previous years, Marsya's birthday has been celebrated a week earlier than her actual birth date. Reason being, every year her birthday seems to fall during the school holidays. So, the party has to be held earlier to allow full attendance of her BFFs. This time around, we're having it at the Minister Suite of Palace of The Golden Hotel. Sounds really grand isn't it but trust me, it's not as huge as you pictured it in your mind right now. I cant do it by the pool, so I need a big room to accommodate my 30 guests which leaves me with no choice but to opt for the suite.

Likewise other birthday parties, it's all pretty much the same - eat, play & having lots n lots of fun (for the kids). All that matters to me is for Marsya to be happy and from what I see, she did enjoyed herself that day. Though it rained for a while that evening which stopped them from jumping into the pool, fun is still in the air. A few of her friends slept over which really means a big deal for Marsya.

Marsya & her BFFs

To those who came over that day, many-many thanks to all of you for making it a special day for my dear princess. My apologies for any flaws or dissatisfaction during the event. And for those who are unable to make it that day, too bad you'll have to wait for 7 more years for the next party !

Happy Birthday my girl. May all your wishes come true !


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