29 June 2010

I Love Me

In my previous entry, I talked about falling in love again (which I doubt I could). Well, I cant love someone else before loving myself first right? No other person can love me more than I love myself.

So, I've reached out deep in myself & these are the things I've come up with.

I am an amazing person because............

1. I am a tough cookie. I've been thru a lot in my life which makes me not only a better but a wiser person. Going through heaven & hell in life certainly add ups the value in me.

2. I am a very loving person. I love my family & friends so much that I cant imagine my life without them. They give me all the strength & support I need to be alive & kicking. I may be single but definitely never lonely with them beside me.

3. I have a great sense of humor. I'm funny! Though I'm not a comedian, I love jokes and likes to laugh a lot. And that makes me a fun person. People laugh when they are around me, and that just makes me happy.

4. I am creative. I love arts, always did since I was much younger. I may not know how to paint but I still love other forms of arts like doing crafts, photos, decorating and cooking (used to...hehehe :P )

5. I am a perfectionist. Everything must be perfect for me. I cant live with just a so-so or moderate standard. It has to be perfect & I'll make sure it will be. People might hate me for this but it makes me love myself even more.

6. I am a thankful person. I've learned and experienced a lot. I've had opportunities & I've also make mistakes along the way. And for whatever I've been through, it has taught me to be thankful of what I have, what I've gained and what I am.

7. I am a kind hearted person. Even though I've been treated very poorly by others, I have always been very kind hearted! I've always said that I wanna be mean but honestly, I just cant. I never have and never will for I've have been blessed with such a loving heart!

8. I am a sensitive person. Sometimes a bit too sensitive that I cried easily over everything. . I cried when I'm sad, I cried when I'm happy & I cried when I'm mad. Tears are falling down my face over the smallest thing I wish I could stop them but sometimes it's just better to let them fall .

9. I am a fun person. I like to have fun and am always willing to do anything that is fun. I am passionate about life & always try to live my life to the fullest.

10. Last but not least, I am smart & beautiful and that goes without saying.......... :P

That's it - all the good qualities in me. Looking at the list, how can I not love myself? I am indeed a fabulous & amazing woman. Doing this list definitely makes me feel much better of myself. Nobody can makes me feel unworthy coz I know I'm not.

Try doing the same list for yourself - trust me, it feels good !


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