13 June 2010

The Temerloh Adventure

This morning me, myself & my parents are planning to have Nasi Dagang for breakfast in Tg. Api. Then out of the blue, my mum suggested that since it's Sunday, why not we spread our wings a lil bit further & go to Temerloh instead. With a broad smile on my face, I quickly agree to the idea and so, off we go to Temerloh.

In Pahang, these are called as "Podok Jagung" which is the Baby Corns - very sweet & fresh !

The journey from Kuantan to Temerloh is about 1 1/2 hours via the East Coast Highway. If you are planning to go to Temerloh, make sure it's on Sunday. There's a huge open market every Sunday in Temerloh which is located not so far from the main road.

Smoked fresh water fish - very rare & traditional

For a "kampung" people like us, this Sunday market is a true heaven. Besides their Patin & Tilapia, here you can find all the traditional food & vegetables you seldom see in other Pasar Malam. We'll find ourselves salivating all the way while walking through the market - too many good food that were too tempting to our eyes.

Dodol - but this particular ones are a bit different as they are steamed !

Since the market is located just by the Pahang river, we had a very clear view of all the activities on the river while doing our shopping....... which brought us to another exciting experience. Apparently, there's a boat by the river which carries the passengers, who are the local people from the nearby villages, to the other side of the river.

Not wanting to miss this golden opportunity, we decided to embark on the boat for an experience to be remembered. The journey from the jetty to the other side of the river, which is known as Kampung Bangau Parit took less than 5 minutes with a fare of RM 1 per trip. So, a round trip would only gave us less than 10 minutes to be on the boat.

To all the single men in Temerloh.........call me please !!!

I dunno about my mum & sis but I really enjoyed the trip. The boat is very shallow that I could actually play the water with my fingers. This is something I only saw in the National Geographic channel before & never thought I would have a chance to experience it on my own one day. How I'd wished I could stay on the boat & take a tour along this longest river of Peninsular Malaysia. Looks like I need to find myself a boyfriend residing in Temerloh in order to make this dream comes true !


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