09 June 2010

Satay Hut

Satay Hut is a heaven for all satay lovers. It's a place for an XXL sized satay which is double the size of a normal satay. It's specialty lies not only on the size but also on its taste. I dunno whether it's becoz of the size that actually allows your sense to grip hold of the authentic spices in each bite.

I have a different way of eating satay as compared to most people. I eat satay just on its own, meaning that without the peanut sauce. That's the only way to find out whether the satay is really good or otherwise. Once you dipped it into the sauce, the only taste your sense can detect is the taste of the peanuts. At Satat Hut, you would be given a totally different perspective as far as satay is concerned. It's a satay experience with a different twist.

The XXL sized satay is priced at RM 1.10/ea. They do have the normal sized satay too which is 60 cents/ea. For a small eater like me, 3 pcs of the extra large satay is enuff to satisfy my appetite. Besides satay, there are other varieties of food available. In some of the reviews I've read, their Mee Bandung has gained some degree of recognition from the food lovers. This would definitely be my choice for my next trip here, if any.

The satay as compared to the size of my finger - aint that huge ?

I drove all the way from KL to Tanjung Karang just for this satay and after the first bite, all I could say is that......... it's worth a drive !

Their mega-size ABC

So, this is the address of this restaurant to those who wanna give it a try :

Satay Hut
Jalan Besar, Tanjung Karang
45500 Selangor
Tel : 603-32694473

Operating Hours : 4.30 pm - 2.00 am


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