17 June 2010

Money Talks

Just heard the news about Azrinaz being divorced by the Sultan of Brunei yesterday evening. It was indeed a shocking news to all Malaysians generally. Everybody were so envious of her when she made the headlines 5 years ago by marrying the once richest man in the world. Such a lucky girl, everybody were saying.

Nobody expected this would be the end to that short fairy tale of hers. It's just too bad that not only it didnt work out for her but apparently her good repo has been tarnished as well. I'm not saying that being divorced tainted one's image - well, I am a divorcee myself, to start with. It's the reason for the divorce that actually makes her look bad especially among the Bruneian.

Anyway, it's not her that I wished to discuss about in this entry. Reading her story makes me wonder how is like being rich? And is it true that the more money you have, the greedier you'll be? Money has been said to be a very powerful force that can buy almost everything. The question here is can money really buy happiness? Even if it could, is it an eternal happiness? Or just momentary happiness?

Whatever it is, rich or poor, we are still human. It's not fair to assume that the rich never had any problems in their life. They too have their own set of problems to face every now & then. And not all problems can be solved with money.

So, what kind of problems do you think the rich are facing with? I've got here a few list I could think of at the moment :

1. They cant really live in peace as they would always worry about money - worrying as to how to double up their asset or worrying the money would eventually finished !

2. They live a much more hectic & busier life. Human are naturally greedy. Hence the money is never enuff as they thrive to keep on top for as long as they could.

3. They cant really trust anybody including their own spouse. For all they know, the spouses might all jump out from the ship when they no longer have the money. It's no longer, "you jump I jump". Instead, "you jump, make sure you have life insurance under my name" !

4. Rich people value their lives more as they can enjoy life better (such as travelling, shopping, buying whatever they want, partying without worrying about work the next day etc). So they need to spend in protecting themselves, minders, assistants, bodyguards and security devices.

5. Being worried and lonely at times. Being rich would makes it difficult for them to find true friendships. They might end up being used by one and another. Worse still, they can also be targeted for their money.

6. If not so rich people like me has debts, I'm sure rich people would have more. It's a simple mathematics : the more you have, the more you spend !

Whatever it is, money can never buy happiness (but it certainly doesnt hurt). Happiness is a choice. It doesn't matter if you are rich or poor its your decision whether to be happy or not. However, based on a research by a team from University of British Columbia & Harvard Business School, money can buy happiness but only if you spend it on someone else.

Spending as little as RM20 a day on someone else could significantly boost happiness. Their experiment on more than 650 participants showed they were measurably happier when they spent money on others - even if they thought spending money on themselves would make them happier.

So to all the riches out there, start spending your money now - especially to the needy ones like a single mum like me, for instant ! Hehehe.....


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