15 June 2010

Tong Juan Restaurant

While having breakfast at my dad's favourite restaurant - Restoran Mustaqim, I received a call from my BFF who kindof invited me to her house in Kemaman. Since I didnt have any plans for the day & Kemaman is only about 30 minutes drive from Kuantan, I guessed there's no reason for me to say no.

We arrived Kemaman somewhere around lunch time. As far as food is concerned, besides their keropoks, Kemaman is also famous for 2 things i.e. Hai Peng Kopitiam & Tong Juan Restaurant. Hai Peng Kopitiam is already so famous that it doesnt need any more introduction whatsoever. As for Tong Juan, it is their infamous Stuffed Crabs that lure visitors from all over the country to this quiet town of the East Coast.

So, obviously that's where we had our lunch earlier. The stuffed crabs I would say, is like a compulsory dish to every customer who walks in. Missing out this signature dish is like committing a crime in the food industry. This is definitely a must-have.

The last time I had this crabs was several years ago during our company trip to Awana Kijal. It was priced at RM5/pc then. The price has increased to RM 8/pc now. The price might differ but the taste remains the same.


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