04 June 2010

Collagen Myths

Naturally, all women are attracted to beauty. All women, if been given a choice wanna look fabulously beautiful. That's how are God made them, the same way God made men attracted to sex. It's just that we, women are much smarter ;-)

Anyway, I'm not gonna bitch about guys this time though I have to admit that it has always been an interesting topic to talk about. There are too many flaws in men that we could never run out of ideas bitchin' about.

Not too long ago, me & my BFF were talking about collagen supplements where we thought of trying them out. Well, it's not that we really need it as we're both are already sizzling hot.... hehehe. Since nothing really lasts forever, we need to have some sort of a back-up plan to ensure that the beauty sustains. That's when we decided to venture into this collagen thingy.

However upon googling for the best collagen supplement in the market, I was quite surprise with the findings. It seems that collagen supplement ( be it drinks or pills ) & cream is indeed a big beauty myth. It is true that collagen could delay the aging process & decrease the formation of wrinkles to achieve a soft & smooth skin.

However, there are more to this than just being an anti-aging substance. The other half of the info about collagen which most of the cosmetic companies are not willing to reveal is the fact on the complexity of its production and absorption in the human body.

Now brace yourself for the truth as it may hurt. A lot of those liquid collagen supplements in the market claims to deliver its molecules to the skin. There are enough scientific studies and researches, which have proven that, this molecule is too large and cant even penetrate the skin.

Whether it is solid or liquid, it doesnt really matters coz the molecular structure remains the same. In addition, the fact remains that there is no drinks, pills or creams which can deliver these large molecules beyond the skin. Collagen is produced inside the body and not absorbed through skin.

What about collagen shots then?

Injecting collagen below the epidermis does provide a temporary collagen fix to the skin, so to speak. These injections aim at replacing the aging collagen in our skin with new collagen by injecting it into the skin. While this method may seems to work well initially, the problems begins to become apparent after a few weeks.

The effects of the injection starts to wear off and the skin becomes loose and wrinkly again. You will then have to repeat the injection to have continuous results. This cycle continues indefinitely as long as you want to have a smooth skin. Collagen injections DO NOT stimulate the skin to produce more collagen. There is no point in exposing yourself to these risks for results that are not only temporary but expensive too.

The question now is, how can our body produced this collagen then?

Adding more antioxidant-rich foods to your diet, as well as, drinking plenty of purified water, is the best way to defend against the skin damage and loss of collagen production, that these harmful elements cause. Food with bright colours like dark green, leafy vegetables are excellent sources for getting your body's antioxidant activity into high gear. And while you're feeding your body with healthy fruit and vegetables, be sure to feed your skin cells with special preparations made from high concentrations of bio-active, nature-based ingredients.

Once absorbed by the skin cell, these ingredients nourish and revitalize normal, healthy skin cell function. When your cells are properly fed, they have no problem, whatsoever, producing lots of collagen protein.

I hope this post has helped a lot of women out there save their hard earning money from being spent over something uncertain. Anyway, a person can be beautiful on the outside but true beauty comes from the inside.



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