14 June 2010

Mabiq Restaurant

From the moment I arrived Kuantan 3 days ago, there's no other significant activities I'm involved with other than eating. It's like being on an eating tour where I've been busy visiting all famous the makan place one after another. Life has been treating me well these few days, alhamdulillah.

To those who wanna experience the kampung style of eating can opt for this Japanese table & eat while sitting

Today my entry is about another makan place which has been featured in TV3's Jalan2 Cari Makan not so long ago. Mabiq is an acronym for Maahad Bahasa & Ilmu Al-Quran which is a private Islamic institution meant for the orphans & the poor. The restaurant is a part of this institution whereby all the profits gained from restaurant will be transferred to the school fund. By spending at this restaurant, we are in a way doing charity to the society.

Masak Lemak Kuning Daging Salai - the traditional food from Mentakab

One thing that makes Mabiq Restaurant different from the rest is the food they served. This is one place where you can find the real authentic & traditional Pahang dish. Pahang being the largest state in the Peninsular Malaysia, had varieties of food even me as a Pahang-ian didnt even know or heard some of them.

The yummilicious Sambal Hitam, made from Belimbing Buluh, chili & anchovies. Traditional food from Kuala Lipis

Besides the unique menus, it's the taste that captured my heart. The food here doesnt taste like restaurant food. Instead, eating them brought back the memories of those kampung food I once had many, many years ago - something sweet to reminisce.

Masak Tempoyak Ikan Patin - originated from Temerloh

Having our lunch here was indeed a great choice. Not only it satisfy our appetite, it didnt do any damage to our pocket either. The lunch cost us only RM 18, including the drinks. A good reason for another trip in the near future !


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